D-Rack LLC

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    A traditional pickup tailgate takes a beating.

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    The D-Rack system restores usable space and protects your tailgate.


Introducing the innovative pickup cargo system that takes a load off of your tailgate. With the D-Rack, you can haul those long loads and still have room for cargo inside of your truck bed. The system installs in just minutes, and can be removed just as fast.

Other D-Rack features...
• The D-Rack is great for hauling lumber and pipe.

•The D-Rack is composed of 100% stainless steel.

•The D-Rack has a 400 pound load capacity that has been proven in the field.

• The D-Rack adjusts to fit most full-size trucks with stake holes.

Contact us to inquire about purchasing your own D-Rack system.

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